It's Always A Good Time To Go Herping... Even If It's About To Rain!

Posted on April 14th, 2017 at 5:36 PM

My son and I ran out to walk a small prairie just before a storm rolled in. We were hoping to walk up a Bullsnake, but instead, came across this large Eastern Hognose Snake. The rain started immediately after I snapped the picture of her on the ground. We watched her for a minute or two, and she eventually moved to some near by grass and coiled up under it. We walked around the other mounds to see what else might have been out, and then circled back to see if she was still under the grass. She was, but I stepped too close, and spooked her out of it. Since she came out, I picked her up for a size reference picture. It was raining while that picture was taken. I set her back down, and she moved over to a denser clump of grass, and coiled up tightly to hide from the rain.