Twelve Consecutive Months Of Herping In Iowa

Posted on February 20th, 2012 at 12:30 PM

I found a brown snake out basking, and was excited that I had found herps, not just in 12 consecutive months, but 12 consecutive months in Iowa! Not only that, but 12 months in my home county! When I got home to verify my records, I realized I had actually found brown snakes last February, so the ones I found in January completed my cycle. Either way, lets review the cycle in Iowa (finds from outside my home county will be included).

February 2011 started my 12 month cycle with just a brown snake.

March 2011 got the year going with some uncommon species for Iowa.

April 2011 turned up a few more spring regulars

May 2011 was a very active time for me

June 2011 had some excellent Iowa finds

July 2011 included a couple county records (not just for HERP), and something that is always a treat to see

August 2011 was spent in the local rivers mostly

September 2011 included more aquatic herps and the first milk snake ever found in a park that I have frequented for the last 10 years.

October 2011 started slowing things down. I still can't guess where this painted was coming from or going to.

November 2011 started my streak of brown snakes. Not just at my favorite wall, but one crossing the parking lot too

December 2011 turned up some painted turtles trapped in a man hole, as well as my normal brown snakes (can you find his head?)

January 2012 was just brown snakes, but officially completed my 12 month cycle.

And just because I thought it completed my 12 month cycle, here is my February brown from today